Philtec Metals, Inc.
is the pioneer independent precious metal buyer in the Philippines and offers the finest precious metal services available. It is a legal 100% owned American Company authorized by the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Board of Investments, and the Central Bank of the Philippines to buy, sell, refine, fabricate, assay, import, and export precious metals founded in 1987.

Philtec Metals, Inc. was established by Mr. Thomas "Tom" Taylor in the Philippines back in 1987 with an excellent recommendation from the United Nations office in New York City. Mr. Taylor is also known for his "The National Mint Corporation", a world class coining mint in the U.S.A. He took interest in the Philippines for his gold business because the country is third in Asia for its gold reserves. He has established international connection and representation with top refineries in different parts of the world.

Philtec receives extensive world gold reports every three (3) months from the World Gold Council detailing gold sales in jewelry, dental, electronics, industrial use and coins for investment.


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